Andrea Tettamanti:

Born in Cantù (CO), Italy - 1983


Andrea is a circus and theatrical trained artist.

He began his artistic career as a street artist in 2001 and he developed a passion for the circus discipline of slack rope walking that he studied at the circus school “Cirko Vertigo” with Arian Miluka in Turin. 

Initially enrolled in the “Accademia di Belle Arti” di Brera (Milan) where he studied scenography, in 2004 he left his studies to enroll in the theatrical school  “Scuola Teatro Arsenale” (Jacques Lecoq method) in Milan where he trained as an actor. 

After that, he has deepened the art of clown by studing first at the “Nouveau Clown Institute” of Jango Edwards in Barcelona and then with Tom Greder and his “Finding Comedy” workshops.


From 2001 he has independently produced solo circus, clown, cabaret and street theatre shows.

He performs with his shows, under the name of Axvxa, as clown, fire eater, slackrope walker and juggler in festivals, cabaret, streets and historical reconstructions.


In 2018 he founded the “Auriga Teatro” company.


Over the past 15 years he also dedicated himself to the study of the use of fire in performance, fire juggling and fire manipulation. This brought him to create a unique show of its kind which unites the art of fire and its manipulation to the clown and theatre.


As an actor he collaborates with various circus and theatrical companies which focuses on youth and children's theatre.


In the last years he also held some clown's approach workshops and a slackrope workshop at the little circus school “Allincirco” in Como, Italy.



F O R M A T I O N :


-2003 Cirko Vertigo with Arian Miluka, slackrope walking;


-2004/2005 Scuola Teatro Arsenale (Jacques Lecoq Method) with the teachers Marina Spreafico, Kuniaki Ida and Annig Raimondi, Milan, Italy.


-2006 Jenny Rombai, Slackrope workshop;


-2011 Nouveau Clown Institute, in Barcellona with Jango Edwards, Tom Greder, Grada Peskens, Lucas Trapaza, Virginia Imaz, Michael Swatosch and Laura Herts;


-2013 Igor Ezendam “Singing Freedom” voice workshop;


-2015 Stefano di Renzo, slackrope workshop;


-2011 and 2018 Tom Greder, “Finding Comedy”, contemporary clown and theatre workshop.











Street Theatre:


-Il Cerchio Magico – direction, actor, scenography, costumes;

kind:fireshow, clown, fire eater;


-Disequilibri Precari – direction, actor, scenography, costumes;

kind: clown, slackrope;


-I Racconti della Lanterna – direction, actor, scenography.

Kind: puppet theatre, narrative




  • ”Alla corte di Mangiafuoco” (show inspired by Pinocchio) ,  Actor and direction, 2017;

  • “Alice nel Parco delle Meraviglie” (show inspired by Alice in Wonderland), Actor and direction, 2018;

  • “Alice e il Chiostrino delle Meraviglie” ( show inspired by Alice in Wonderland), Actor and direction, 2019;






  • “Equilibrium” direction, actor – kind: clown (2017)

  • “Pierrot” - direction, actor – kind: clown (2013)

  • “AXVXA” - direction, actore, juggler, fireeater – kind: fire, clown (2013)



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