Born in Tradate (VA), Italy - 1990


At the age of 16 he developed a passion for juggling. He began to study clown and theater following different clown workshops with Paolo Nani, Emmanuel Lavallée and Commedia dell'Arte with Carlo Boso.

In 2017 he graduated as actor at Scuola Teatro Arsenale (Jacques Lecoq method).

Meanwhile he dedicated himself to the study of the circus discipline of slackrope walking.

After the degree he has deepened the study of the voice with Annig Raimondi and the clown with Tom Greder and his “Finding Comedy” workshop.



From 2012 he performs under the name of “LalloShow” as street artist, clown, mime and juggler in festival, streets and cabaret.


As an actor he founded, with Lucia Metzger the “Duo Incordata”. Together they perfomed in different cabarets and won the first prize in the competition “Creatività Giovanile” in Gaggiano (Milan) with the number “Pantomima ad Alta Quota”


Nel 2018 he founded the Auriga Teatro company





  • 2012 Paolo Nani clown workshop;

  • 2012 Emmanuel Lavallée, clown workshop;

  • 2014 Andrea Tettamanti, slackrope walking;

  • 2015 Carlo Boso, commedia dell'arte,workshop;

  • 2015/2017  Scuola Teatro Arsenale (Jacques Lecoq method) in Milan with teachers Marina Spreafico, Kuniaki Ida e Giovanni Calò;

  • 2017/2018 Annig Raimondi, voice workshop, Teatro Pacta, Milano;

  • 2018 Tom Greder, “Finding Comedy” workshop, contemporary clown and theatre, Como.



Performance works:


Street theatre:


  • ”Pampam show”, direction, actor - kind: clown, mime, improvisation, juggling.




  • “Pantomima ad alta quota” - Actor and direction – kind: mime, clown 2017/2018.

  • “Click e Clock sulla terra vecchia” - Actor and direction, 2016. 






  • “Pantomima ad alta quota”, Cabaret Clown Gala by Collettivo Clown, 2018, Milan;

  • “Pantomima ad alta quota”, Bisbocc Cabaret by the circus school Bisbocc, 2018, Cardano al Campo (VA);

  • “Pantomima ad alta quota”, Kabaret Kabum at the Spazio Kabum, 2018, Varese.



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