Born in Cantù (CO)– 1995


She studies cinema at DAMS University in Bologna but she quits it in 2015 to apply for  Scuola Teatro Arsenale in Milan (Jacques Lecoq method) where she graduates in 2017.

After a while, she decides to master the study of clown, attending “Finding Comedy” workshop with Tom Greder in November 2018.


In 2017 she founds the Duo InCordata with Lorenzo Marchi. Together, they create the show called “Pantomima ad alta quota”. With this play they win Creatività giovanile 2018 prize in Gaggiano.


As an actress, she plays different roles in theater, web comedy episodes and commercials.


In 2018 she joins Auriga Teatro company.




-2016/2017 diploma at Scuola di Teatro Arsenale (Jacques Lecoq method) in Milan, with the teachers Marina Spreafico, Kuniaki Ida, Giovanni Calò and Antonella Astolfi.

-2018 Tom Greder, “Finding Comedy” clown Workshop.


-2018 private lessons of Acrobatics and Theatrical Acrobatics.




  • “I fiori del male”, directed by Marina Spreafico – Actress, 2017, Teatro Arsenale, Milan;

  • “Pantomima ad alta quota” – Actress, Creator and Director, 2017/2018;

  • “Così fan tutte”, directed by Francesco Micheli – Actress, 2016, Teatro Sociale, Como.




  • “Lupus”, directed by Valerio Perego – Actress, 2018, Milan.

  • “C'è qualcuno?”, music video by Bar Ponderoso – Actress, 2018, Milan.

  • “U-Power”, commercial – Actress, 2018, Milan.

  • “Pata Snack, una bella storia italiana”, commercial – Actress, 2016.

  • Web comedy by IPantellas – Actress, 2016, Varese.




  • “Pantomima ad alta quota”, Cabaret Clown Gala of Collettivo Clown, 2018, Milan;


  • “Pantomima ad alta quota”, Bisbocc Cabaret of Bisbocc circus school, 2018, Cardano al Campo (VA);


  • “Pantomima ad alta quota”, Kabaret Kabum at Spazio Kabum, 2018, Varese.



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