(The rush of the year)


Freely adapted from “Credo, poesie cosmiche, tempi e feste dell'anno” by Rudolf Steiner


written and performed by 

Veronica Del Vecchio, Lorenzo Marchi, Lucia Metzger, Andrea Tettamanti.



“And lives, in the change of summer and winter,

the soul of the earth in the same spirit”



A journey a year long

A cycle that is continually renewed.

A show that wants to be a path and an exploration between the human, vegetal and animal worlds... Discovering these universes and how they are transformed, influenced by the energies of the seasons and the time that flows and molds everything.


Zany spirits will accompany you on this dreamlike journey...that speaks of us humans, of the earth, and of the universe where we live.


Kind: Theatre, poetry

Language: Italian – non-language specific

Audience: All - School, theatrical festivals, events.

Stage space: Indoor or Outdoor 






The show is still being created.

But the 2019 programming is already under way.

If interested, to book or to find out more, contact us:

We will be happy to answer all your questions.



(The rush of the year)

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