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Auriga Teatro present: 


“Finding Comedy” workshop with Tom Greder:

 creativity, contemporary clowning, theatre and play. 



Discover and access the full range of your creative resources. 

Develop a more articulate, meaningful and personal form of expression in your work... and laugh while you learn how. 





•Workshop Introduction: 


In addition to over 30 years experience as itinerant performing artist, Tom Greder conducts regular creativity, performing, communication and team-building workshops throughout the world. 



Based on "Play" as being the fundamental expression of human creativity and the basis of meaningful interaction and problem solving, the workshop encourage a personally relevant and transformative expression for all those who want or need it. 


Tom's distinct approach focuses on the relationship between the "Person", "Character", and "Artist" in all of us. By understanding, exploring and harmonizing the often conflicting nature of these inner voices through humour, participants gain a clearer awareness of themselves and their creative process. 


The inspiring and challenging workshops are aimed to anyone who wishes to gain a deeper insight into their creativity and abilities, and develop an empowered and liberated stage presence. 


Tom Greder is an itinerant artist focused on interactive contextual physical comedy. Born in Switzerland and raised in Australia, his style draws heavily on European street performing, circus and theatre traditions. 


Trained as circus artist and contemporary clown at The Circus Space and Ecole Philippe Gauleiters, London, he has independently produced solo circus, theatre, cabaret and street theatre performances as well as collaborated with nation and international circus, theatre, dance and film companies. 


He has also produced and toured eight full-lenght award winning productions and numerous circus, cabaret and street theatre routines nationally and internationally since 1988. 


As a director and teacher, he has established himself internationally for his innovative approach to creativity and physical comedy. He conducts his Finding Comedy sessions regularly throughout the world. 


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