High altitude Pantomime

written and performed by Lucia Metzger e Lorenzo Marchi


Two clowns, nights of icy dreams, turbulent climbs, overhanging ledges and a magical, generous and odd mountain.


They are two particular characters, who are fearless, reckless, heroic and distracted.

And they will try to overcome the highest peak in the world, where time and space do not have rules, where logic is the inspiration for chaos, and everything is a bit adverse, steep, and vertiginous, whether it is 5.000 meters in altitude or a step away from the arrival.

A place where, if you believe it enough, you can overcome obstacles in the most unimaginable ways, or create a bizarre way to go.

But they will discover that climbing so high is a long, unpredictable journey that brings many surprises.


An all-vertical mixture of mime, theater and fantasy, which gives life to this little adventure performed by two ingenious clowns.


Kind: clown, mime

Duration: 10 min.

N. of artists: 2

Language: no language – silent


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